Service And Information Guide

 Descriptions Of Our Services And Advice Pages

Everything you need to rent Knockerballs is contained in the pages below. Whether it’s rental specifics, our video collection, game descriptions or the legal side of things…we have you covered. And if not, just fill out the contact form or call us to get started. 

Knockerball MN Rental Details:

Our  Knockerball MN Rental Details page gives you specifics on what’s included with a rental. It also has basic pricing info. as well as pricing for optional add-ons for the larger scale events. If you need a simplified step-wise process for booking a rental it also gives you a detailed run down and advice on how to book your rental.

Knockerball Rental Venue Advice:

There are many viable options for hosting your Knockerball rental, but we wanted to take some of the hassle out of it for you. The advice on our Minnesota Knockerball Venues page takes the guess work out of the equation. Simply find the page for your part of the metro and we’ll give you a few of the places we’ve already vetted and how to reserve them if it is required by the local authorities.

Knockerball MN Games

One of the most important things we do to make your event fun is to keep you engaged. Our most effective way of doing that is to shake things up throughout your Knockerball rental with a multitude of Knockerball MN games. This page goes over the rules of some of the most popular and also has demonstration videos of each.


Twin Cities Knockerball Videos

While we have videos scattered throughout the site, our Knockerball MN Videos page has a broader collection in one spot. The remainder of videos can be found on our Facebook and Youtube pages linked in the footer. It’s a great place to see what your event might be like and get excited about how much fun it will be.

Knockerball MN Waivers and Policies

Legal stuff is boring no doubt, but it’s important information and required to be signed off on before Knockerball MN can host your event. Our waiver is for anyone that intends to play during the event and must be signed. Anyone under 18 must have their legal guardian sign for them. The policy page is for the person organizing the event only and simply makes sure “Knockerball MN” and you are on the same page before any deposit money is exchanged.