How Knockerball MN Got Its’ Start

Like many these days, Knockerball MN’s owner, Caleb Papenhausen, didn’t “get it right” when selecting his first career field in conservation. As a result, he was faced with the common dilema… go back to school for another degree, take a job in the trades, or start a business.


The decision was an easy one. Starting a business offered the same increase in pay without having to spend 4 more years and a boat load of money. After realizing a need for alternative sources of entertainment in the Twin Cities market, a search for a unique concept was on. It didn’t take much searching as after a rediculuous Knockerball video or two, he was sold…”this thing will sell itself, why isn’t it everywhere”. A month or two of research, website building, business legalities, and $10,000, and Knockerball MN was born.

Why Choose Knockerball MN

Knockerball MN realizes a Knockerball rental is’t the cheapest thing in the world and while we have control over our pricing, what we charge is ultimately controlled by the costs to run the business. With that said, what we can control is the experience you have using our service and we TRULY want it to be exceptional.


What Do You Do To Make Our Experience Exceptional?

Many things. Firstly, although anyone can have fun in the suits, Knockerball MN believes an experienced event host makes a HUGE difference. It may seem like a simple concept, but there are many variables in a rental that can ruin your event and after doing numerous rentals, we’ve found ways to come prepared and smooth them over. Honestly, it would be too boring to write about many of them here, but take my word for it, experienced hosts matter.


Secondly, we keep you engaged. One of the reasons you are considering Knockerball MN is because it is a fresh concept that many have never tried. Playing on the same human desire to be stimulated by something new, we play a myriad of games and we are constantly adding new ones. Each game favors people with different skill sets to make sure everyone has a chance to be the MVP.


Thirdly,Knockerball MN rentals include additional peripheral items and services that we don’t charge you extra for that other local providers can and do. i.e a large supply of clean, fresh water as there is always people that forget. Addtional safety items such as gloves, knee pads, and strap adjusters to make it easy and quick to get in and out without wasting your rental time. Music via an extra large Bluetooth speaker that if cranked up, would be heard across the other-side of the park. And of course, top-notch Knockerball suits, with only the best safety features.