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Common Knockerball MN Birthdays

Everyone in Minnesota is looking for something different for their next birthday idea, and now you’ve found it! “Knockerball MN” Birthdays are the perfect remedy for the stagnant ole’ washed up ideas, and the best part is, it makes for great social media sharing. We’ll make your party the best you’ve had yet by keeping your event fresh with unique games, energetic hosts, the safest equipment, and extra creature comforts. Let us be your next birthday celebration centerpiece.

Our costs are cheaper than other “Birthday Party Options” and much more fun and unique. Paintball, laser tag/mini golf packages, Or dinner and drinks all cost more if you add up the whole groups’ costs. Unless one person is paying for the whole package, this is a no brainer. Here’s an idea…why not combine 2 birthdays and split the cost!

Milestone Birthdays

While not everyone goes all out for their 23rd birthday party, milestone birthdays are a great reason to celebrate with a little something extra. 10 year old birthday parties, sweet 16’s, 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 50th, you name it, we’ve done them. We could all use another memorable milestone birthday, and Knockerball MN wants to provide you with one; just look at how much fun this 10 year and 21st year milestone parties had!

Adult Knockerball Birthdays

Think Knockerball is just for the youth? Think again, all you really need to be is young at heart! Skip the casino, the bar, and show your friends you know how to have fun. Better yet, invite the family over and knock your cousins and siblings to the ground! Need proof of concept? Watch this Minnesota family at a 50th birthday party gathering and another young adult group celebrating a 25th.

Think Knockerball Is Too Expensive For A Birthday Party? Think Again! Split The Cost Up Among Your Adult Participants And Play For Less Than $20 Per Person!!!

Youth Knockerball Birthdays

One of the most common questions we get is how young is too young? Well, unlike many of our competitors, we have invested in a set for the 8-12 year old groups too.  We have several 1.0m and many 1.2m suits that can fit your youth party of just about any age. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional inflatables or just have an athletic group of kids wanting to try something different, Knockerball MN, based in the south metro, is the way to go. While you can’t try before you buy, we want to give you the next best thing…video of several different youth group birthdays playing right here in Minnesota.

Join Two Birthday Parties Together And Share The Costs! Know A Neighborhood Kid Or Family Member That Would Do this For Their Kid? Why Not Cut The Cost In Half.

Ready To  Make Your Birthday a Knockerball MN Birthday? Then Reach Out To Us!

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