Play Knockerball In The Twin Cities’ West Metro

It’s true that there are ample places to play in the communities of Minnetonka, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, and surrounding areas. However, a lot of people don’t want to go through the hassle of selecting a place or looking up where they need to go to reserve it…so we made some suggestions for you! You’ll also find a couple videos below of several other events we’ve hosted in the area so you can see what your event might be like.

Knockerball MN West Metro Event Videos

Oakridge Country Club in Hopkins,MN

Forest Hills Park In Eden Prairie,MN

Best Places To Play Knockerball In The Western Suburbs Of Minneapolis

Freeman Park

With ample parking, easy access and great turf conditions, Shorewood, MN’s Freeman Park would be a great venue for your event. Rental fees are nominal and if previous events are any indication, there actually may not be any fee. The key there would be to use one of the numerous “odd areas” adjacent to the established play fields so that we are not impeding any organized sports. You can always check with their Parks and Rec. department contact for this facility to be sure.

Forest Hills School Park

If the soccer field or baseball outfield is not available, there are two “servicable” though not ideal odd areas on the very southwest side and very north side that can be used. Outdoor facilities are rented by the Eden Prairie rec department and not the school, which can be reached at at 952-949-8333. Alternatively, the indoor gym can be rented as a back-up in case of rain, but you must call the school for that.

Klapprich Park

Located in Wayzata off of Wayzata Blvd. East between Minnetonka Ave. N. and Barry Ave. N and just down the street from St. Batholomew Catholic Church (previous customers). The great thing about this park is that it has no competition from sports teams since there is no “official field” here, only open space. Also, you can bring your dog with you! The outdoor rink at this park doubles as a dog park during the summer. The parking isn’t ideal, but there’s little competition for street parking on the adjacent residential streets. Given the lack of an offcial field, reserving the space probably isn’t 100% necessary, but contacting the city is still a good idea.