Knockerball MN Game Descriptions And Videos:

Middle Man:

Much like “Ships Across the Ocean”  or  “Sharks and Minnows,”  Middle Man starts with one person in the middle of the field and all other players lined up along one of the goal lines. After the whistle is blown, all of the players along the goal line attempt to safely run to the opposite side goal line. The “middle man’s” objective is to knock down as many of those players as he/she can before they can cross the field. Those that are knocked down become part of the “middle” for the remaining trips back and forth across the field until there is only one remaining player that has not been knocked down.

Knockerball MN Bowling:

As you might imagine, this game requires some players to be the “pins”. Depending on how many players are at the event, we line the pins into 3 or 5 person formations. One player acts as the bowling ball and gets a running start at the pins and gets two shots to knock as many pins down as they can. At Knockerball MN, we usually save this game for the “person of the hour” to act as the bowling ball such as the birthday guy/gal or the bachelor/bachelorette. This game is all about the set-up, if done wrong, the Bowling ball will end up being the pin.

Sumo Ring:

This Knockerball MN game starts with everyone inside a ring of cones. Unlike most of our games, this game does not have teams, so it’s everyone for themselves. The objective is to be the last one standing and inside of the ring of cones. Once you fall down, get knocked down, or get pushed out of the ring of cones, you must exit the circle until the next round. we usually do 3 rounds with this game before a break, with each round doing a slighltly different variation of game rules to mix things up and even the playing field among the different size players.

Very Important Person (V.I. P.)

With America’s love of football, no suite of Knockerball games would be complete without a football like game. since your arms are occupied by the straps and handles of the suits, this game is the closest we can come. This is a team game where each team starts on their respective goal line. One team starts on offense and a V.I.P. is selected. The offensive team tries to get their V.I.P.  across the opposing teams’ goal line without getting knocked down by the other team. The rest of the offensive team is trying to block for the V.I.P. much like a football team blocking for their running back. The first team to 3 points wins.

Knockerball MN 500:

We all like to revisit childhood games from time to time, so why not do it with a twist? In “Knockerball 500,” a harmless soft ball is thrown into the air and must be caught through the hole in the top of your suit and not bounce out. Of course, you also get to knock your opponents out of the way and to the ground before they are able to catch it. The first to catch 500 worth of points, wins. The trick is getting someone who knows how to throw the ball so that it is easily caught, or this game is difficult.

Traditional Bubble Soccer and BIG Ball Bubble Soccer:

While a few groups have wanted to play serious soccer rules, generally we let the players play freely or the game stops too regularly. The biggest difference with Knockerball soccer is that both teams start on their respective goal line and race to mid-field/court to earn possession, which usually leads to an impressive collision. We don’t play out of bounds and generally discourage use of a goalie. We have two net styles, but typically it’s best to use our smaller 6′ pop-up nets to facilitate more contact and less time resetting people back to the goal line. We also mix the game up by introducing a big ball into the mix with slightly different scoring rules to keep you on your toes.

Last Person Standing:

Some groups just like chaos, and free play, so this is as close to that as we come. As the name implies, the last person remaining on their feet wins. The game starts with everyone spreading themselves out wherever they want on the field of play. There are no teams, so it’s everyone for themselves. Once you get knocked down, you must stay down until everyone but one person, the winner, remains standing.

Make Up Your Own Knockerball Games!

If you are creative yourself, we are certainly willing to use the suits for other games that you might have in mind. We often get suggestions on how to modify the Knockerball games mentioned here and implement those changes on the fly. At the end of the day many of the ideas come from existing gym games that are fun with the added element of bumping your opponent.