Those in the Twin Cities’ South Metro communities aren’t exactly in short supply of attractive Knockerball venues. With that said, it’s always easier to rely on “Knockerball MN’s” advice on where to play so you don’t wind up playing at one of the few exceptions. There aren’t many requirements and it isn’t exactly rocket science, but we want to make every step as easy as we can for you. Simply pick the location recommended below nearest you and give us a holler.

South Metro Knockerball Venues By City

We consider the South Metro to be Lakeville, Burnsville,Apple Valley, Farmington,Rosemount,and Eagan. You can find advice for other communities in the metro by visiting the general Knockerball venues page. Alternatively you can contact us if we haven’t yet written about your area or if you want some other options.

Lakeville, MN Knockerball Venues

My preference in Lakeville are the Hasse Arena fields mapped below. Great parking, excellent grass, and although we don’t use the lines much, they seem to repaint them often. The fields are as level as you’ll find and there is a lot of open area if the fields are occupied. The downside here is that it is an old farm field, so on a windy day it’s pretty exposed.

Apple Valley, MN Knockerball Venues

Delaney Park is my go to in Apple Valley. While there are other locations with more fields, this one has the right balance of less competition for playing time yet ample space in the event that there is. Some of the other large Apple Valley facilities are hard to coordinate which field you will be at and are heavily utilized by organized sports. The parking lot isn’t very big, but the grass is good and there is a lot of shoulder street parking available if the lot is full. It also has a pavilion if you want to have the party there before or after Knockerball.

Rosemount, MN Knockerball Venues

Shannon Park is a good choice here and parking isn’t an issue since it shares a giant one with the elementary. Excellent grass and numerous ball field outfields to play on if the soccer field is taken. It’s very convenient for many in Rosemount since it sits in the middle of a lot of residential homes.

Eagan, MN Knockerball Venues

I prefer the medium sized parks as they still offer ammenities and alternative places to play, but are generally less busy. And in Eagan, that’s Bridle Ridge Park. There’s a soccer field and an optional ball field if things are busy as a back-up. The lot is small, but it is dedicated to the park and not shared with anything else.

Minneapolis/St. Paul South Metro Knockerball Video

A couple videos of Knockerball MN events in the South Metro. Unedited to give you a better sense of what play is actually like.

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