Common Minnesota Bachelor Parties 


The Trend of playing Knockerball in Minnesota has started to spread like wildfire and while the concept of a Knockerball Bachelor party is no longer novel, it’s still the most fun Bachelor party idea in the Twin Cities. It’s the perfect combination of something different yet affordable when the cost is split up amongst the group.

A Bachelor Party Idea The Whole Family Can Take Part In

Not all bachelor party ideas are able to your include younger siblings, the youth you’ve been mentoring, your kids, or your Dad all at one event. Sure, the most competetive events are those that involve just your peers, but it’s always nice to include other family for part of this day. Heck, score some browny points and invite the father-in-law too.


Why Not The Best Bachelorette Party Idea Too?

The best way to make this event even less expensive is make it co-ed! Bachelorette and Bachelor parties combine for one battle royale and the ultimate bragging rights. Plus, the Bachelor and Bachelorette get the opportunity to duke it out for a few minutes with a special game just for them should you choose to go this route. Where else can you safely pummel your significant other? Hesitant to combine your efforts? No one said you can’t go your separate ways for the remainder of the evening.

Previous “Knockerball MN” Bachelor Parties In Action

You’ve probably seen a few videos already, but here’s a couple of videos of the best bachelor party idea In Minnesota.

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