Knockerball MN Venues By Season

Summer Venues:

The most obvious choices are park soccer fields. However, I would encourage you to consider any park open green space that is fairly level and free of debris. As a rule of thumb, any area that’s approximately the size of a small school gym is sufficient, especially for younger age groups. Open spaces as opposed to fields are often free of charge and you don’t have to compete for space with organized sports. Common open spaces are outfields of baseball diamonds, areas adjacent to pavilions, and spaces between fields.

Winter Venues:

Indoor Turf facilities are the best option, but they are expensive and hard to get a hold of unless you are replacing team practices with a Knockerball Minnesota event. You’ll have to book well in advance or be open to late night or early morning time slots generally.


Other options are recreation centers through local parks and recs. school/church gyms, and YMCA’s. If you plan to play on the weekend, look into rec. centers and YMCA’s first.

Minnesota Knockerball Venues By Location

Minneapolis Knockerball Venues

If you are looking to play in the heart of the Twin Cities, our Minneapolis Knockerball Venues Page has a few suggestions on where to play. We also touch on some things to consider when playing in the city vs. the ‘burbs. Lastly, we wouldn’t want to make it difficult on you to find where to go to book those sites, so we have links and phone numbers right on the page…no need to leave our site.

St. Paul Knockerball Venues

The state capital has numerous suitable locales to play, but we thought you’d like us to narrow down your choices for you! We also threw in a few videos of previous St. Paul centric events, just to give you a feel for what your gathering might be like. Read about our St. Paul Venues, here.

West Metro Knockerball Venues

The Western Suburbs keep us busy, so we know a thing or two about parks on that end of town. Check out our West Metro Venue Suggestions if you are looking for options we’ve already field tested as suitable sites. You’ll see a few vids of different types of venues we’ve held events at in that part of town as well, such as golf course fairways, school soccer fields, and open space next to pavilions.

South Metro Knockerball Venues

Want to play in the Twin Cities communities of Lakeville, Apple Valley, Rosemount, Eagan, or Farmington? Here’s your resource for the best South Metro venues in those areas. See videos and get the pros and cons of various parks and rec centers on the south end.

Other Parts of The Twin Cities…

We’ve been just about everywhere (certainly not every park) but we don’t have specific pages for other areas quite yet. However, if you need specific advice for other areas we certainly can give you a few options closer to you than the ones suggested above, just contact us.

Once you have a good idea where you want to play you’ll want to start the rental process. The first step would be to get a better grasp on what’s included with a rental.  After which, you’ll want to get a hold of us to check our availability.