“Maplebrook Tournament” Bubble Soccer Registration.

Thank You For Giving Bubble Soccer/Knockerball A Try! Your Team Is Going To Have A Riot!

The first step to reserve your time slot is to select a date from the calendar at the bottom of the page.  Both the 3rd (Saturday) and the 4th (Sunday) are available.  Then select your time from the drop-down and hit “continue”. To book more than 15 minutes, you’ll need to book more than one open time slot, unfortunately you can only do this one time slot at a time. Keep in mind if you do intend to book more than 15 minutes, you will want to make sure that there are two time slots consecutively available.

Pricing is $59 per team/per 15 minutes

15 minutes goes by VERY quickly, so I would recommend doing 2 time slots. However, if you are time constrained or have a small team 15 minutes may be appropriate for a trial run.


Please have parents sign our waiver for their kids’. They can do so here: https://knockerballmn.net/knockerball-mn-waiver/

Location Of Play:

Play will be held West of field 26G, East of the awards/information area.

Time Slot Conflicts

We may add time slots or allow more than 1 team per time slot as the event date draws near. Please make an every effort to use the available time slots first. If none work for you, contact us about the time slot you are interested in to see if we can make something work.

“Knockerball MN” (.net) Special Offer!

Anyone participating in The Maplebrook tournament may recieve $25 off a 1-hour future rental or $50 off a 2-hour or longer future rental by mentioning the code MG25 or MG50  for an event reserved by June 15th. The rentals don’t need to occur by then, just a submitted deposit. You can always change the details of that event (date/time,location,#of suits) barring our availability if your plans change.

Knockerball Minnesota

Select A Date From The Calendar (3rd or 4th) And Then A Time From The Drop Down Menu, Click “Continue”.