St. Paul Knockerball

Knockerball Rentals In St. Paul? Ya Sure Ya Betcha

Whatever the occasion (birthday, bachelor etc…), St. Paul offers a great suite of suitable locations for Knockerball. I have more specific recommendations below, but an overview of what St. Paul has to offer can be found on the St. Paul Parks and Recreation site.


One of The advantages of playing in the states’ capital is that you are close to so many other entertainment options for before or after your rental. How fun would a day starting with an hour or two of Knockerball followed by a Wild game be as a bachelor party? Or how about a church group team bonding session with Knockerball followed by a tour of the St. Paul Cathedral? The combinations are endless as Knockerball instantly adds something outrageously fun to any special occasion.

St. Paul Knockerball. A Guide To The Best Places To Play

Wellstone Center (indoors or outdoors)


The Wellstone Center on the south side of Saint Paul is convenient, is in excellent shape, and offers both outdoor field and indoor gym options. The facility is pretty new, so it is in excellent shape  and the staff seems to keep it clean, which is easy on the suits. Pricing is fair, especially for indoor play, as it is on the lower end of the spectrum for typical hourly indoor gym rentals. One last thing to keep in mind is that it is a large facility,able to accommodate big events that are in need of multiple functions (i.e. places to eat, have meetings after etc…).


Phalen Recreation Center


The city rec. centers offer the dual threat of multiple outdoor spaces and indoor gyms. The Phalen Rec. Center also keeps you close to everything Lake Phalen has to offer, but keeps you out of the main hubub area so that there is plenty of parking and several odd areas of open grass in which to play. Specifically, parking along Forest Street is usually open and play can occur in the baseball fields’ outfield or in the area to the south of the rec. center’s parking lot. The grass in some areas leaves you a little wanting, but most years the majority of the area is just fine.

St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota.


You could make an argument that this is not St. Paul, but we are just splitting hairs at that point. The outdoor rec. fields on Cleveland Ave. just south of Larpentuer Ave. are a great option. On what was once the Women’s Soccer team fields, parking is scarce. The easiest solution is to park at the golf course driving range lot to the northwest, which is huge and always empty. It’s also out of the reach of those pesky Campus Cop parking lot hawks. The grass is superb due to its’ past as a collegiate sports facility and the fact that it recieves a lot of moisture from the hills to the south (campus).

Saint Paul Is Where I Want My Rental, How do I Book These Facilities?

Who you contact to book depends on where you want to play.  That is, if you intend to make an offcial booking, which we highly encourage. As it pertains to the three facilities above, one can be booked through the St. Paul Parks and Rec. one through the U of M, and a third through the non-profit “Neighborhood House”. In the case of St. Paul, you want to directly contact the office responsible for a specific park. Phalen Rec. Center can be booked here. The Wellstone Center can be booked here, and then submit a “Room Rental Inquiry Form”. The U of M fields can be reserved through their “recwell” services, here.

Video of Knockerball In Minnesota’s State Capital

Unsure what your rental would look like? Watch these previous St. Paul events in live unedited action. You can catch a few more on Bubble Soccer Minnesota’s site as well.