KNOCKERBALL MN “Pay To Play” Event

KNOCKERBALL MN “Pay To Play” Event

Book Early, If we don’t have a significant number of people registered by April 15th, we will be canceling the event.

Event Details:

Time: 12PM-3PM We may add times If time slots are filling.

Date: Saturday May 13th

Location:Klapprich Park Wayzata,MN

Length Of Play And Cost

Cost is $10 per 5-7min session/person at the door/day of. It is half price ($5 per session/person) if you book before April 15th Using “EARLYBIRD” In The Coupon Box. It will go up to $8 session/person for registration before May 1st. This may seem short, but it is exhausting and you will thank me for short segments of play. It is outrageously fun, so you can schedule more than 1 session.

Using The Appointment Calendar To Book Your Time Slot(s):

Step 1: Select Your Age Group

Step 2: Select May 13th

Step 3: Select Your Time and Hit Continue

Step 4: Fill Out the blanks and pay on paypal.

Step 5: Repeat for more time slots for yourself or more people for the same time slot as desired.

Need Help Or Have Questions? Read The FAQ Below First, Then Call Or Email For Anything Not Covered (612) 462-3460,

Booking Multiple Time slots For Yourself:

If you want to book multiple time slots for yourself, you must register each time slot individually/separately. It does not need to be back to back, in fact, we recommend a rest of at least one session in-between.


Booking Multiple People For One Time Slot:

If you want to book a session for multiple people for one time slot together, you must enter them into the same timeslot one at a time. Also make sure that there are enough slots remaining for that time slot to accomodate all the people you want to have playing before you start entering them.


Only Book Time Slots For Your Age Group:

We are separating the reservations/play groups into three available bookings, one for youth (ages 8-11), one for pre-teens (ages 11-15) and one for everyone else (16 and up). If the time you can play is not available check back as we may add time slots if things fill up. These are not absolute age groupings. If you are small for your age bracket and near the dividing line, schedule down a level and if you are big for your bracket and near the age border play up.


Please Fill Time Slots Up Before Signing Up For Time Slots With No One Else Reserved.

It’s no fun playing by yourself and we have no idea how many people are going to give this a try, so sign up where you see others already signed up. Each time slot has 24 slots to start. So, if a time slot has less than that available, that means there are others already signed up.