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Knockerball MN will make your next event a smash hit! We offer Three ways to rent Knockerballs in Minnesota, “You Book the Venue”, “We Book The Venue” and “open play”. We Include everything you need to play and an experienced host to make your event as convenient as possible.

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Knockerball MN will make your next event a smash hit! We offer three ways to rent Knockerballs in Minnesota, “You Book The Venue”, “We Book The Venue” and “Open Play”. We provide everything you need to play and an experienced host to make your event as convenient as possible. The bubble suits make it nearly impossible to not have a great time, but Knockerball MN takes your event to the next level with unique games, extra creature comforts, and top-notch equipment. We want to earn your repeat business and referrals, so we strive to make your first experience with us an exceptional one.

Why wait? Come try it!

We want to be the best value in the Twin Cities. Find a better price and we’ll match and beat them by 10%.


We Are A Licensed Knockerball Affiliate under the name Knockerball MN. We are unaffiliated with Knockerball Minnesota. We’ve hosted hundreds of parties and thousands of particpants and have more 5-star reviews than anyone in the Twin Cities.

Three Ways To Rent Knockerballs

We come To You – You Book The Venue


– Greatest Date and Time Flexibility

– Parks, Gyms, Indoor Turf

-Starts at just $199 for 6 suits

-Many more suits available

We Come To You- We Book The Venue

– Most Convenient

– No need to deal with the parks and rec. departments

– Knowledgeable about what parks are suitable locales.

– Slight Premium For The Time Investment

Open Play

NEW OPEN PLAY EVENT Wayzata’s Klapprich Park May 13th

– Small groups and Individuals

– Just $5/person if you register before April 15th, right here and enter the code EARLYBIRD.

otherwise $10 at the door

Optional: Discounts for allowing others of similar age to join your party that have signed up for open play.

Watch Minnesota Knockerball In Action

Our highlight video not only familiarizes you with Knockerball, but also demonstrates and explains a few of the games we play.

Game Demonstration Promo.

Knockerball MN (.net), A 5-Star Reviewed Rental Experience

See what the first experience was like for previous customers! Read our reviews. We want you to feel confident in the service you’ll receive, so we’ve made our reviews easily accessible and unedited. More reviews can be seen on our sister site, Bubble Soccer Minnesota.




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Our Rentals Include…

As stated above, Knockerball MN brings everything you would need to play directly to you. What we didn’t mention is that we set-up all the equipment, walk you through games, go over safety/how to get into the suits, take all the equipment down and clean it. We also provide music, often bring a 5-gallon water jug, and other peripherals like gloves and knee pads for those that want a little extra protection.

Knockerball Minnesota

Our Knockerballs, Your Event

Knockerball Minnesota Company Team Bonding
Company Team Building
Knockerball MN Bachelorette Parties
Knockerball MN Birthday Party
Knockerball MN School Events
School Lock-Ins


Venue Advice

– Get Advice by Location

Videos of local events

-Seasonal considerations

-Urban Vs. Suburban

Knockerball MN Games

Game Videos

-Traditional Bubble Soccer

-indoor or outdoor

– Waterslides

– Last Bubble Ball Standing

-Middle Man

-V.I.P. (very important person)

-Sumo Ring

-Bubble Ball Bowling


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Family reunions


School Dances


Church youth groups

What Is Knockerball

Knockerball is a relatively new sport/activity to Minnesota, but it has been around in Australia and Europe for a while now. It’s simple really, an inflatable suit is worn like a back pack with shoulder (and sometimes waist) straps. Handles are directly in front of you as well to keep you secured and give you greater control. What might not be obvious is that the suits are open on top and bottom, but your head sits below the top of the suit. This means that you are actually looking through the plastic while playing and not out of the top.
The fun part is you get to safely bump your opponents, turning any game into a full contact sport for all ages. Indeed many associate Knockerball with Soccer, but Knockerball MN plays a myriad of games to keep your event fresh throughout. Yet another common point of confusion is that Knockerball is associated with many other names including Bubble Soccer, Loopeyball, and Bubble Ball to name a few. Our partners: